Individual Lessons 40 euros

These classes aim to focus on all aspects of the game that can affect performance; Ultimately this provides you with the feeling of a touring player environment to develop your game to optimum potential; All in one place!

TPI Evaluation 120 euros

Players are placed through a complete array of tests usually reserved for the best golfers in the world. Utilizing our physical screening process, we measure your ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout your body.

Coaching Membership 250 euros/month

What’s better than having your very own golf professional? Unlimited golf lessons, weekly playing lessons, and much more!

Our Aim

James Ivory Golf is based at the beach of Oliva Nova Golf Resort in Spain, ranked as one of the 100 best golf courses in Spain in the year 2015, designed and built by Severiano Ballesteros.

We pride ourselves on adapting golf lessons for the individual, focusing on the areas required for improvement. They are structured so that you can focus on your individual needs and are available to all levels of golfers and any age. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help you achieve your goals.

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